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Substation Maintenance

Regular Substation maintenance can limit exposure to the risk of significant plant downtime by preventing or identifying potential issues before problems occur.

Reliability can only be established by apparatus testing under actual or simulated operating conditions.

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Infrared Inspection

Thermographical (infrared) inspection prior to the plant shut down, along with conclusive electrical tests during the plant shut down period will determine if equipment is operating properly, needs repairing, or should be replaced.


The National Electrical Testing Association (NETA) and IEEE both recommend annual electrical maintenance of the main system components in all manufacturing facilities. Many insurance companies that offer liability insurance and 'loss of use' coverage expect that the electrical system supplying the major manufacturing equipment be inspected, tested and maintained in order for insurance coverage to be valid

What Techtric Engineering Can Offer

Don't find out about the condition of the electrical equipment in your facility when you are facing substation failure and costly repairs and emergency electrical services: Schedule a maintenance check and have your systems inspected before problems like substation failure arise – Techtric Engineering is here to help!

Our skilled and experienced high voltage engineers will carry out your substation maintenance with the minimum disruption to your daily operations. We will perform the work during weekends holiday shutdowns or “off shifts.”

We will provide you with written reports outlining the current condition and performance of your equipment. We will also recommend areas where improvements or additional repairs/maintenance should be carried out.

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