Arc Flash CSA Z462

CSA Z462 is here – Are you Compliant?


The Issue

  • 30,000 electrical shock accidents occur each year.*

  • More than 2,000 people per year are admitted to burn centres with severe arc flash burns.**

  • Sixty-four occupational related electrical deaths occurred in Ontario between 1999 and 2008.**

  • In the same ten year period, 246 workers sustained critical injuries of an electrical nature.**


The Solution

To address this issue, The Canadian Standards Association has introduced CSA Z462.

Canadian legislation has now made it mandatory for all facilities with three-phase electrical power to properly identify and protect workers against risks associated with shock hazard and arc flash.

Techtric Engineering specializes in helping you to comply with this new legislation by conducting arc flash hazard analysis along with arc flash mitigation.

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* Source – Electrical Safety Authority.
** Source – 2008 Ontario Electrical Safety Report.

Disclaimer: Arc flash photographs and videos are for training/educationalpurposes only and are not representative of Techtric Engineering’s Work


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