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Lighting Retrofit

As T12 lighting is currently being phased out of the Canadian market, combined with the various energy reduction incentive programmes – now is the best time to consider a lighting retrofit.

T5, T8 or Induction Lighting systems offer excellent energy savings and return on investment, with payback often achieved in around 1 year.

You will see the advantage of the efficient T5, T8, LED or Induction lighting systems immediately following installation. Not only will you be reducing your energy consumption, but you will also have the advantage of higher quality light and the flexibility to illuminate your operation when and where it is needed.


The installation of T5, T8, LED or Induction lighting can maintain the same light level and dramatically reduce the energy used to light the facility. Over time, the savings can be significant with no loss in illumination levels.


Fluorescent and Induction lighting systems provide significantly improved color quality over standard metal halide lamps. In addition, new T5, T8, LED and Induction lighting systems can be designed to achieve improved lighting uniformity and reduced glare compared to standard metal halide lamps.

Induction lighting systems offer 100,000 hour rated life span, 5 year warranty, high lumen maintenance with a 98% operating efficiency and a .92 power factor. Induction lighting has a wide range of operating temperatures from -40c to +50c.

LED systems maintain greater than 70% if the initial light output after 50,000 hours of operation , they are easier for installation and produce higher lumen level.


T5, T8, LED and Induction lighting offer instant on/off capability, which is not practical with metal halide lamps.This added capability allows for the installation of motion sensors that turn on lighting circuits only when someone enters the area. In sections of the building where skylights or large windows are installed, photo cells can switch lighting circuits on or off depending upon the amount of daylight present in the area.

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Questions and Answers on High-Efficiency Lighting

Q: What are the advantages of T5, T8, LED and Induction lighting over metal halide?

A: The operation of T8, LED and Induction lights consumes considerably less energy than metal halide, resulting in significant savings. These lights also provide better color quality. Additionally, the lamps maintain a high level of lighting output over a longer period of time than metal halide.

Q: How much energy will I save with the installation of T5, T8, LED or Induction lights compared with my metal halide lighting system?

A: Up to 70% depending on lighting design.

Q: When will I see a payback?
A: Payback period will depend on lighting design, hours of operation, cost of electricity, availability of rebates and other factors. An accurate estimate can be made prior to installation.

Q: Will the installation interrupt operations at my facility?
A: Workflow will be coordinated to minimize impact on your business.

Q: How can I determine if a lighting retrofit is feasible?
A: Contact Techtric Engineering Ltd for an evaluation.

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