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Power Quality Monitoring & Analysis

Are you experiencing power disturbances like interruptions, voltage fluctuations, or voltage/current unbalances? The problem may be Power Quality. 

Power Quality issues can be internal or external, and are hard to fix without the help of experts. A Power Factor Study conducted by electrical engineers can identify measures that need to be taken within your facility.

What is Power Factor (PF)?

  • The relation between active power and actual power. A measure of the efficiency of an electrical system

  • The active power is the power consumed and actual power is the power delivered

  • Lower power factor can be caused by inductive loads – motors, fans, air conditioners

We Provide PF Study to Identify Steps on PF Correction

  • Study to determine the usage, peak hours, power factor, voltage fluctuation for the specific location

  • Evaluation of alternatives

  • Central compensation

  • Individual compensation

Capacity Bank

Challenges in Identifying PF Correction Methods

  • Load Variation

  • Future load adding, facility expansions

  • Harmonics

  • Distorted voltages

  • Line loading​

How We Can Help

We will provide you with written reports outlining the current condition and performance of your equipment. We will also recommend areas where improvements or additional repairs/maintenance should be carried out. Call us today at 905 597 5855 or click the button below:

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