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We are always looking for driven and professional individuals to join our team!

Project Engineer (Energy)

We are an engineering consulting company providing electrical industrial services. We provide Electrical and Mechanical engineering solutions to our clients all over the GTA. 

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Conduct site visits and produce sales proposal by working with the sales team if required

  • Work closely with the sales team to provide technical support

  • Willing to and capable of doing energy audit, various energy system including mechanical/electrical survey and studies, preliminary engineering  study and detailed engineering study

  • Prepare and submit various incentive applications to the local LDC or other organizations or IESO and follow up on the application

  • Obtaining quotations from various suppliers

  • Release PO for major equipment required for the construction works

  • Approve shop drawings for equipment before ordering

  • Work with designers to ensure that the design is done on time and meet the requirements

  • Coordinate the work between the designer, construction team, and the client

  • Work with subcontracting that occurs when the engineering team does not have the technical skills or manpower needed to carry out a particular task

  • Work with subcontracting that occurs when the construction team does not have the technical skills or manpower needed to carry out a particular task


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Effective communication skills

  • Capability to deal with the LDCs, IESO and gas providers for incentive applications

  • Knowledge of computer software such as AutoCAD, Carrier HAP, Microsoft Office including Excel, Word, etc.

  • Knowledge of computerized energy management, and control systems such as Reliable Controls and KMC Controls

  • Ability to coordinate multiple jobs and build good relationship with the clients with assistance from the front sales people

  • Ability to acquire through training and on the job experience specialized knowledge in rapidly changing technology and applications

  • Have proficiency with word processing software as well as technical drawing skills


Minimum Qualifications:

  • A bachelor's degree in mechanical or electrical engineering. P.Eng is not mandatory but an asset. At least 3 year experience in HVAC engineering/energy retrofit/Co-generation/Geothermal/energy storage or Solar PV

  • Experience on design/build energy retrofit projects, solar PV projects or other energy projects

  • The project engineer must be able to multitask, since several projects are usually handled simultaneously

  • Good interpersonal skills to correspond with customers

  • Experience on preparing detailed engineering study on co-gen related projects is definitely an asset


Starting date: as soon as possible

Compensation: Negotiable subject to experience.

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